ATN Night Cougar Dual Tube Goggles

The ATN Night Cougar is a light weight head mountable night vision device. It is low priced and can be used as an un-mounted hand held binocular or hands free goggles with the provided head gear. 

ATN Night Cougar Goggles are the lightest Gen 1 night vision dual tube goggles out there.  The Cougar night vision goggles are water and fog resistant, making them useful for boating and hiking in wet conditions.

IR flood illumination is built in and provides the additional close up illumination needed in the darkest of environments.

The ATN Night Cougar features digital controls for both power and IR function, the controls are positioned to be easily located, making it simple to use in the field in dark conditions.

Having the option to turn the IR off gives the ATN Night Cougar a tactical advantage in night time war games like paint ball or aero soft.

This is an inexpensive multi-purpose NVG. It can be used with the head gear on - Or off the head mount, as a hand held binocular.

ATN Night Cougar GogglesThe Cougar is very well suited to camping, especially night hiking and boating. Its light weight makes for comfortable hands free use and its large 30 degree field of view provides the peripheral vision needed to avoid obstacles.

Some Important ATN Night Cougar Specifications

Two Generation   1+ Image Intensifiers
Resolution    40 lp/mm
Magnification    1x
Lens System    F1.4, 35 mm

FOV    30
Range of Focus    1 m to infinity
Diopter Adjustment    -5 to +5

Power Supply    1 x 3 V CR123A type battery
Battery Life    30 hrs
Weather and fog resistant
Operating Temperature    -40 to +50 C
Storage Temperature    -50 to +70 C
Dimensions    6.1”x 4.9”x 2.7”
Weight    1.1 lbs


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