Bushnell Night Vision

Bushnell is the largest marketer of consumer optics in the world. They have been around for over 50 years.  If it is optical you will probably find a model with their name on it. Bushnell doesn’t have the largest selection of consumer night vision products but they do produce several digital and Gen 1 night vision devices.

Bushnell Night Vision Products - a closer Look

Bushnell markets Gen 1 monoculars, Gen 1 binoculars and digital monoculars for both recreational and professional use.

Gen 1 Night Vision

Gen 1 and digital night vision devices are the least expensive and most available of all the night vision equipment in the consumer market. Bushnell has some of the lowest prices you can expect to find on all of their night vision products.

Bushnell LogoBushnell doesn’t seem to specify a Resolution in  lp/mm for their Gen 1 night vision or digital night vision devices. So you can probably assume the 36 lp/mm that seems to be the average resolution for Gen 1 equipment. This is the resolution as measured in the center of the image. (All Gen 1 night vision presents varying degrees of distortion as you move from the center of the image)

Some Bushnell Gen 1 Night Vision

The best two Bushnell monoculars with a 24mm objective are the Bushnell 260224 and the Bushnell 260224W. They are both very light weight, small and inexpensive. One is waterproof and slightly heavier. Otherwise, there is no deference between the two them.

Bushnell 2x24 Night Watch Monocular (Bushnell 260224)

Bushnell 2x24 Waterproof Night Watch Monocular (Bushnell 260224W)

The 42mm monoculars give a small  increase in magnification with only a slight increase in weight. The Bushnell 260100 is the standard model. The Bushnell 260200 adds an extended range Ir Illuminator for a small increase in the purchase price.

Bushnell 2.5X42 Night Vision Monocular (Bushnell 260100)

Bushnell 2.5X42 Dual IR Night Vision Monocular (Bushnell 260200)

The 50mm monocular, Bushnell 264051, at 4x adds a large increase in magnification and a little more weight to the Bushnell night vision line.

Bushnell 4x50 NightWatch Night Vision Monocular (Bushnell 264051)

The Bushnell 260400 binoculars are fairly light weight and very low cost

Bushnell 2.5x42 Binoculars (Bushnell 260400)

The Bushnell, 260542, StealthView is a digital night vision monocular that offers impressive performance. The kind of performance you might expect from a standard Gen 2 at a Gen 1 price point.
Bushnell 5x42 Stealth View Monocular (Bushnell 260542).

IR Illuminators

All Bushnell digital and IIT night vision come with built in near infrared illumination in one form or another.



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