Gen 1 Night Vision May Be All You Need

Good images can be found under a full moon or urban lighting (some distortion included). Gen 1 night vision is inexpensive and the most widely used of all night vision devices.

The gen 1 devices use an intensifier tube to amplify ambient light by accelerating electrons that strike a phosphor surface just like a television.

One electron leaves the photosensitive photo cathode and one electron strikes the phosphor display. The number of electrons is not multiplied as they are in the later generations using the MCP disk. This results in much less amplification and an image with distortion at the edges.

Gen 1 night vision works well with the right IR illuminator and quality light gathering optics.

The intensifier tubes used in gen 1 nvds vary in quality and performance. Improvements in the manufacturing process over recent years are showing up in the consumer market. Some are better than others. The best ones are hand picked and find there way into the better of the gen 1 devices.

Combine a quality image intensifier tube with good upfront multicoated glass optics and an effective IR Illuminator and these devices get the job done.

What you end up paying for one will depend on:

Many gen 1 units have a small IR illuminator that is always on.
In very low or no light conditions you can pack your own light source, invisible to the naked eye of man or beast.

Some uses for gen 1 night vision? The first thing that comes to mind is the homestead.

A quality Gen 1 night vision device will be adequate for most recreational activities. and can be useful and affordable for many professional uses. night citter

ATN Viper
Generation 1+
Light  Weight
Head Mountable

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