Gen 2 Night Vision

Gen 2 night vision is a big step up in the performance of Image intensifier devices. Much of  the distortion found on the edges of the gen 1 night vision has been reduced or eliminated.

Gen 2 night vision devices provide a useful image through out the full field of view. These devices provide a much brighter and higher resolution image under lower light conditions.

The deference between Gen 1 night vision and Gen 2 night vision was brought about by the addition of the micro-channel plate. The number of electrons produced by the intensifiers photo cathode are multiplied thousands of times and better aimed at the phosphor screen.

Generation 2 nvds are smaller and lighter. They require a smaller charge to drive the electrons into the phosphor screen so battery usage is minimized Gen 2 devices produce a very good image under a quarter moon, distant urban lighting and the glowing clouds of a distant city.

night citterThe intensifier tubes used in gen 2 nvds have some variations in quality and performance. Just like the gen 1 intensifiers, improvements in the manufacturing process over recent years are showing up in the consumer market.

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