Gen 3 Night Vision

Gen 3 night vision is a huge bump up in the evolution of night vision intensifiers. These devices will provide a bright high resolution image under the very low light conditions of a  moonless star lit night.

Gen 3 devices use a micro channel plate just like the gen 2. Like the previous generations, the gen 3 loads light through the objective lenses directing all light gathered to the Photo cathode. The photo cathode of the gen 3 is where the huge bump in performance occurs.

The gen 3 devices have a coating of gallium arsenide, a coating that is far more efficient at converting light to electrons. The gallium arsenide coating provides a much richer source of electrons for multiplication through the MCP.

The gallium arsenide coating is also sensitive to a larger part of the light spectrum, dipping deeper into the longer light waves of the near infra red. The gallium arsenide coating produces a clearer image with better contrast, under much lower light conditions.

night citterGen 3 night vision rarely requires the aid of ir illumination. This is a truly passive device, this is stealth.

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