Night Owl Night Vision Products 

Night owl night vision has been in the consumer night vision business for decades. There equipment is designed and built for out of doors enthusiasts and the security minded. This isn’t military night vision but Night Owl night vision does produce some of the most popular night vision devices available. 

Their generation 1 night vision devices are high quality, versatile and the prices are some of the lowest out there. Not bad for a small company in Texas.

Night Owl uses quality optical glass that is designed to correct much of the edge distortion found in all Generation 1 night vision devices. The multi-coated lenses are designed to maximize light collection and transmission, especially the IR light that is abundant in night time conditions. 

Night Owl's Best Products 

Night Owl Optics LogoNight Owl's night vision equipment includes head mountable goggles, light weight monoculars and dual tube Gen 1 binoculars. The National Geographic series of monoculars and binoculars are also manufactured by Night Owl.

Gen 1 Night Vision

Gen 1 night vision devices are the least expensive and most available of all the night vision equipment in the consumer market. Consumer Generation 1 night vision is night Owl's specialty.

In general the resolution of their image intensifier tubes run between 32 and 36 lp/mm . This resolution is measured in the center of the image. (All Gen 1 night vision presents varying degrees of distortion as you move from the center of the image). 

Night Owl Night Vision Monoculars 

The standard Night Owl Optics NexGen series includes  three different magnifications- 2x, 3x and 4x. The Night Owl Galactic View NexGen extends the magnification out to 5x with a 60mm lens. It is perfect for long range viewing and stargazing. Night Owl monoculars  

Night Owl also makes a water proof version of its NexGen night vision monoculars. The Night Owl Marine 4x42. 

Night Owl Binoculars 

Also in the Night Owl NexGen series is the Night Owl NexGen 3x42 Night Vision Binocular. 

Night Owl Goggles 

Night Owl Goggles are head mountable or can be used hand held. They are light weight and flip up and out of the way with a single push button control.


All Night Owl night vision devices come with built in IR Illumination.



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