Night Owl Goggles With Head Mount

You Can Walk In The Dark

The Night Owl Optics NOBG1 Binocular/goggles can be used hands free making night walking or even night paddling a canoe doable. This is a multi task device in a limited sense. You can not use it as a gun site but it makes a great unattached binocular. This can be very useful

Learn To Walk In The Dark

It takes time to learn to walk at night with any night vision device. The militaries of the world spend a small fortune training their troops to do this. Any one can learn to do this with a little practice, an NVD with the right specifications and a little time out in the real dark world with it.

Night Owl Goggles are designed for this:

Magnification is useful for spotting objects at distance. But, when moving in the dark, the obstacles are up close and 1:1 is best. The Night Owl Goggles' one to one image provides more realistic dimensions to your surroundings and a better depth of field.

An advanced Gen 3 goggle will probably have a 40 degree field of view. This is something critical to a soldier wanting to stay alive. But, to stay on a night time path, view some animal life and avoid walking into a tree limb a Gen 1 set up with a 30 degree field of view works just fine.

This is an important specification. Being able to estimate the distance to a hazard, like a depression in the ground, could be useful. Estimating the depth of the depression could even be critical. The night owl NOBG1 is a dual optical device. It has two Gen 1 Image Intensifier Tubes each with their own lens systems providing the depth perception needed.

The Night Owl NOBG1 Goggles weigh in at 14 ounces without their head mount and batteries

Some More Useful Specs

-The field of View at 200 feet is 106 feet

-Minimum Focus Range: 10.0

-Interocular Distance: 2.52
-The NOBG1 Goggles are small at 5.2L, 4.9W, 2.1H (inches)

-The NOBG1 uses two "N" type 1.5-Volt batteries (These can be difficult to find locally and are best bought online)

-Extreme close-up focusing. This is a real plus for any night vision device

Like all of the Night owl night vision products the NOBG1 Night Owl goggles come with a built in IR Illuminator.

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