Night Owl NexGen Monoculars 

Night owl monoculars are available in several magnifications to match just about any use you may have in mind. These Night Owl monoculars work well under a half moon and some star light and all of them are equipped with IR Illuminators.

Night Owl has been in the consumer night vision business for many years. Their night vision monoculars are designed and built for out of doors enthusiasts, neighborhood watch and professional surveillance.

Their generation 1 night vision monoculars are high quality and the prices are some of the best.

All of The NexGen monoculars have two operating buttons that make single-hand operation simple. One button to power up and one button for the IR illuminator, making operation in the dark simple. They are small and light weight making them convenient to use and store out of doors. They are rubber armored and feel good and sturdy in the hand

The standard Night Owl Optics NexGen series includes Night Owl monoculars with three different magnifications- 2x, 3x and 4x. The Night Owl Galactic View NexGen increases the magnification to 5x with a 60mm lens.

All of the Night Owl Monoculars are powered by a single  3-Volt Lithium battery.

Night Owl Optics NONEXGEN 2X MonocularNight Owl Optics NONEXGEN 2X Monocular

Night Owl Optics NOXM3X-G MonocularNight Owl Optics NOXM3X-G Monocular

Night Owl Optics NONM4X MonocularNight Owl Optics NONM4X Monocular

Galactic View Star Gazer 60mmGalactic View Star Gazer 60mm

Night Owl also makes a water proof version of its NexGen night vision monocular. The Night Owl Marine 4x42. 


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