Yukon Optics

Yukon Optics World Wide is headquartered in Lithuania with facilities in the USA, Great Britain, Belarus, Russia and China. They build all of their own  stuff.
Yukon optics is the largest producer of consumer Gen 1 night vision on the planet. There consumer night vision products include Yukon, Newton and Pulsar.

In addition to their own night vision equipment Yukon Night Vision is an original equipment manufacturer for companies like Bushnell, Night owl and others.
This is the company that brought us not only the Super Gen 1+ image intensifier tube but most of the newest in digital night vision scopes.

Some of their best products:

Yukon Optics LogoYukon Monoculars

Yukon NVMT 4x50

The Yukon NVMT 4x50 Multitask Night Vision Monocular is one of Yukon’s best Gen 1 values. The 50mm aperture makes for amazing clarity at 4x magnification.

The night vision optics combined with the built in Yukon pulsed IR Illuminator makes for outstanding out door viewing.

Yukon NVMT 1x24

Yukon NVMT Multitask 1x24mm Monocular (Goggle(S))

With a 1:1 magnification a 30 degree field of view the Yukon NVMT 1x24 Gen 1 coordinates well with its head mount. Perfect for use out doors and for night  time war games like paint ball and air soft.

Yukon Sea Wolf

The Yukon NVMT 3x42 Waterproof Night Vision Monocular still maintains a 20 degree field of view with its 3x magnification and works well head mounted or rifle mounted at medium range. This is a good monocular for damp or foggy conditions and boating.

Yukon Binoculars

Yukon Viking

The Yukon Viking 1x24 Binocular uses two Gen 1 intensifier tubes. It is fairly light and with a 30 degree field of view, works well head mounted as goggles or hand held as binoculars

Yukon Tracker

The Yukon Tracker 3x42 night vision binoculars use two Gen 1 intensifier tubes. They are water and fog resistant night time field glasses.


Yukon Varmint Hunter

The Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5x42 Night Vision Riflescope is one of Yukon’s outstanding night vision products. The 42mm aperture, 20 degree field of view and  built in IR Illuminator are perfectly combined to produce great results. This is a varmint hunter’s rifle scope and it gets amazing reviews.

Digital night vision

Yukon ranger 5x42

The Yukon Ranger Digital Night Vision 5x42 is what sets Yukon apart. Yukon is working hard on digital night vision development. This is not just a Digital night vision camera. The Yukon Ranger 5x42 is  an in the field digital night vision monocular that can provide video for recording..


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