The Yukon Ranger 5x42 - Digital Night Vision

It's one of the best examples of a top performing digital night vision monocular. Emphasis on digital. The Ranger produces a bright image under low light conditions. The Yukon Ranger 5x42 has an image that is as clear as any standard Gen 2+. 

This monocular lends itself well to neighborhood and property surveillance but it excels when used for night time animal observation. The image is clear from  border to border,  rectangular and presented in gray scale.

 Night time photo recording is so much better in black and white. You can record on the fly with the built in video output. The video out can be connected to  an auxiliary monitor or portable recording device. The distortion free image presentation makes for good recordings that are bright and well  contrasted

The Ranger digital works well under a half moon or more and for darker conditions has a high power illuminator. The 940nm IR Illuminator is very powerful and  adjustable. You can turn it on when needed and off to conserve battery power.

The 5x magnification makes for outstanding medium and long range observation, with or without the Illuminator. At these ranges, Staying beyond the notice of  dear, birds or raccoons is much easier.

Yukon Ranger 5x42 monocularThis is a digital night vision device and works as well in the daylight as it does in near dark conditions. It handles the transitions between night and day  without image interruptions or equipment damage

On the down side

Like all digital night vision monoculars and camcorders in general, the ranger will use up the batteries.

The field of view is limited, owing to the large magnification (5x). So close range observation is difficult especially when the subject is on the move.

Using it on foot and on the move can be difficult because of the manual focus. The depth of field is restrictive and may require frequent focusing, again owing to the 5x magnification factor.

On the up side:

The Ranger 5x42 was designed and built for Surveillance. The Ranger 5x42 is armored and rugged. It is simple to operate and the price is right for a night vision device with this many features. This is a great night vision device for intermediate and long range observation. Its the best night vision device out there for recording night time observations.


Some important Yukon Ranger 5x42 specifications:

The Yukon 28041 is a digital night vision monocular with the following feature set

Resolution, lines/mm    40

Field of View, degree    5

IR Power, mW    2000

Power Supply, V    DC 6-12V 1000mA

Video Output Signal Standard    CCIR (PAL compatible)

Yukon Ranger Video Output
Range of Detection, m    250

Camera Resolution, pixels (HxV)    510x492

Battery Life (with / without IR), hour    5 / 12

Dimensions, mm    170x116x76

Weight, kg    0.65



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